NOVUS Summit

Eiso is part of the founding organizational team of NOVUS, a yearly summit held at the General Assembly Hall at the United Nations. NOVUS is where technology meets humanity to transform the world.

Founder of Project March

Eiso's is founder and coach to this student team, developing an exo-skeleton for a paraplegic patient with the main goal to win the powered exoskeleton race of the Cybathlon 2016.

Speaker @ TEDxTunis 2015 – The Power of Curiosity

How can the power of curiosity lead to social change? Under the motto: ‘Inspire-Connect-Act’ Eiso’s approach to life and work is to inspire and empower individuals to take action and to empower others who are passionate about exponential technologies and sustainable development.

Investment Manager

Providing risk capital and loans to enhance clean tech in the Dutch province.

Initiator | Curator | Chairman @ TEDxUNPlaza

TEDxUNPlaza brought together the BRAVEST thought leaders and emerging pioneers in global affairs, innovation, technology, medicine, film, and entertainment to explore a multidisciplinary approach to BRAVERY in our world today.

Investment Manager

Green Gateway Fund, a European growth stage clean tech fund.

Initiator of TEDxEverest

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s first ascent of Everest with a true TEDx event

Investment Manager

E3Partners focuses on sustainable energy, energy efficiency and regional development.

Initiator of Ideas into Action

Creator of the 1st Ideas worth Doing Challenge

Events Director | Investor @ Formula Zero

Changing the world of Formula 1, by developing a full sized hydrogen race car

Co-Founder of Nuna 1

First Dutch solar car team ever, winner of the World Solar Challenge 2001